Our Philosophy

Our philosophy acknowledges that every child is unique and requires total acceptance in order to develop their full potential. We acknowledge our partnership with families in providing a successful programme that promotes high self-esteem, empowerment to learn and a respect for boundaries that operate in an effective group environment.

At Rosy Cheeks Early Learning Centre we aim to create an early years centre of excellence:

  • which nurtures children to grow and develop as individuals and prepares them for their future
  • which offers worthwhile learning experiences through an appropriate and stimulating curriculum
  • where all children, families and staff feel valued and part of a team
  • where we take pride in ourselves and our achievements
  • which listens and responds with sensitivity to the views and values of others
  • which is a safe, caring and happy place to work and play
  • which is attractive, stimulating, respectful, welcoming and appropriate
  • Where differing values and cultural diversity are embraced and honoured
  • which respects the local community and involves them in the life of the Centre
  • which strives to constantly improve standards by evaluating the effectiveness of the policies, procedures, teaching and learning.


We offer children a play based broad and balanced curriculum with a wide variety of activities. We encourage children to select activities they would like to experience, but balance this with activities aimed specifically at certain groups of children.

We use the Government produced Te Whaariki Curriculum for guidance when planning the children’s work. We base our planning around interesting topics, but also keep the planning flexible so that we can incorporate any ideas the children may have.

More details on the curriculum can be found displayed in the Centre play areas.

Below are examples of the type of activities on offer:

  • Imaginative role play (drama, home corner, dressing up, puppets)
  • Small world play (cars, trucks, garage, farm, zoo, dolls house)
  • Mark making (drawing, colouring, painting, first stages of writing)
  • Reading (fiction, non-fiction, picture and poetry books)
  • Natural materials (sand, water, wood, leaves, bark)
  • Planting and growing (seeds, soil, plants, gardening)
  • Investigative play (sand, water, building, toys, puzzles, dough)
  • Creative activities (drawing, painting, collage, sticking, clay, model making)
  • Music (singing, listening, rhythm work, dance)
  • Food technology (cooking, food preparation, food sampling)
  • Physical activities (climbing, large trucks, bikes, scooters).

We have a wonderful variety of quality resources available to the children at Rosy Cheeks. We teach them how to use the equipment correctly and safely, as well as how important it is to respect their own and others property.

Our staff regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the learning activities and programmes. They use these evaluations to modify the future work they do with the children.